In the Boston makeup industry Boston En Vogue’s Boston fashion week is one of the most exciting events taking place without the year. We allow makeup artists to get a first look, feel and even execute current and upcoming trends and techniques. The experience of being backstage as a team member is a critical part of building experience, technique and  network. The ability to lead and design shows can help to separate you from other artists.


Alisha Rodrigues   (Master Stylist & MUA)

Mica MUA Lamour (Makeup artist)

Arlene Guzman (eyelash extension specialist & MUA)

Christopher Stanton (Stylist)



We have created an emerging platform designed to unveil, develop, and fuse the Boston hair and beauty industry. We help facilitate the growth of the fashion industry by connecting this unique city with fashion resources in NYC, L.A. and Europe. Our mission is to provide a forum where Fashion Hair Stylists, Make-up Artists, and visionaries in the fashion arts field can market their talents and resources to an international audience. With a goal of  being comparable to major international fashion week shows around the world our experienced staff is dedicated to raising brand  recognition in the hair and beauty industry.

HOW TO APPLY – We are always looking for talented hair and makeup staff for our runway shows, photo shoots & beauty expo. Send us an email with a sample of your portfolio or photos to: