Boston En Vogue is an fashion industry based event. To be accredited as media, members of the press must have a broad audience reach and influence that demonstrates support of the fashion industry. Broadcast, print and internet outlets must all meet these requirements and provide supporting documentation. Boston En Vogue will can provide a schedule of runway shows, charity events and premiere fashion content that enables accredited and non-accredited media to cover shows and create content-rich posts and articles.

BLOGGERS – Bloggers must explain blog subject matter, how many readers or reach, & how content will used. Advertise Boston En Vogue event on blog before show, use a quality pictures of events. Before publishing post email post to Boston En Vogue organizer, & send information within 24 hours. Once these terms are met then blogger press passes issued.

PHOTOGRAPHERS – We welcome freelance photographers to be a part of fashion week events. All non media or press photographers must provide samples of there work, web sight, to be considered for a photographer pass. Once our staff makes a dissension you will contacted if approved. Once approved photographers must provide a cd of photos from the events to the producers with in 24 of the show, with no logos.